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Events Location Sardinia

Are you organizing an event and looking for an exclusive and impressive venue, in order to give your guest a perfect experience? Colonna Country and Sporting is glad to open its doors to you in its meeting rooms in the Cost Smeralda.

With its many services, dedicated service areas and tailored offers, the Colonna Country and Sporting can be your events location in Sardinia. Small meetings, events, workshops and much more can be planned here.

In here, your guest will experience days of engaging moments, training, and also relaxation and fun. Costa Smeralda is, indeed, one of the most attractive areas in Italy, where to breathe fresh air, see wonderful panoramas, swim in a crystal blue and emerald green sea and to enjoy glamorous nightlife with the names of the Italian show business.

In addition, if your event will last more than a day, the rooms of the hotel will be the perfect setting for a relaxing night on the Costa Smeralda. All decorated with the Sardinia style, they are sited in mini-bungalows surrounded by the green of the gardens. And to complete the offer for a perfect event, the restaurant of the hotel will prepare for you and your guests delicious meals of the local tradition.

Are you ready to organize your best event in Sardinia? Browse the services and rooms and book here your meeting rooms.

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